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The Tom Kerridge Dopamine Diet

It is officially Spring but there can still be snow in the mountains.  The daffodils are in full bloom, the waterfalls in full spate, the sun warms the day to tempt you outdoors but the chilly evenings certainly sharpen your appetite!

Which is why we are trying a few recipes from Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet book this season. It is designed around substantial, but carb-free, food which helps you feel great without resorting to stodgy comfort food.

Tom Kerridge has two Michelin stars for his successful Hand and Flowers 'gastro-pub’ and is a successful TV chef too, so you know he would design an excellent diet for himself when he decided to lose weight. The best thing is the diet is so big on flavour it does not leave you feeling deprived!

So far, we have tried the chicken mince and coconut curry recipe, the pepperoni pizza omelette and the tomato chorizo and almond salad. It has all been satisfying and hearty fare. Looking forward to trying his take on shepherd’s pie and spicy…

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