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Bone Broth: Recuperative Food

Here in Snowdonia (and most of the UK) we are deep in snow once more even after St David’s Day.  So, we are making the most of our roast lamb or roast chicken by saving the bones and making bone broth – an economical and healthy thing to do.

We were introduced to this over Christmas and it has really helped provide warming nutrition over the cold season. It is really a variation in the time-honoured tradition of making stock from the chicken carcass or lamb knuckle to make soup the next day – something my Liverpool grandmother always did in winter, and the smell of boiling lamb bones takes me back to her small, neat, utility kitchen!

But the new health spin on this is simply to add a small amount of vinegar – say a tablespoon – to the water as you bring it to the boil and simmer, and you need not add much else in terms of onion, garlic, bay leaf unless you like.  In this way you really make the most of the goodness of the minerals, cartilage and collagen in the bones, letting it leac…

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